Virus and malware removal

Its just not safe out there on the internet today. We make it our number one priority to clean up the World Wide Web and keep you safe.

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Computer Refresh or Install

Have a new computer? or want to bring some new life to an older one? Our trained technicians and help you either way.

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New Business setup

We are trained in setting up new businesses. From getting the best deal on buying computers in bulk, down to make sure all of them are networked with a your server to improve employee efficacy.

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Our Main Message

This business started in 2011 from the passion of one individual to continue to challenge himself and learn. The beauty of this type of work is that we are in new places, seeing new faces and new challenges every day.

We aspire to stay on the cutting edge of technology and on the front line filling our customers needs. If there is something we don't know, we can learn it or find the people who do know.


What's next?

Call us now for a free quote over the phone. We can usually be onsite within 2 hours and most problems and be resolved in even less time.